Section All singing telegrams come with G to PG-13 humor
and include a personalized poem and hat, 
balloon bouquet, songs, instrumental fanfares, 
and improvisations.

Here are some of our 
Great Characters!

Marilyn Monroe singing telegrams
Our very own 50's "dumb blond" with wisdom beyond her brains. Marilyn captivates her audience with her special poetry, jokes and memorable songs!

Mae West singing telegrams Mae West, with her ever memorable vocal approach, makes taking out the garbage seem like a sexy task! Her "Little Chickadees", "Why don't you come up and see me sometime" and more lines are entwined with our client's information and make for a stunning and side-splitting roast!

Dirty, Flirty Girty singing telegrams
Dirty Flirty Girty, the G-rated stripping bag lady teaches women how to keep "that man interested." This hilarious strip show, only down to "more clown clothing with a message",topped off with Girty's own rendition of a special birthday song, sung by her, as she plays her violin!

Chickie Chick singing telegrams
Yellow fussy chicken suit with pretty face showing, orange chicken comb and orange spiked heeled, perfect chicken fabric boots, feather boa, and sequenced trim. She states in her poem and through her costume that your friend is a "real Chick!"

Dolly Pardon Me singing telegrams
The perfect gift for country music fans, sings "I'll Always Love You" and takes the audience to the cow pastures and haystacks with great a-plump!

Cupid and Her Bow and Arrow singing telegrams
She bring balloons, flowers, candy, personalized poetry, and Cupid's Arrow to your valentine for the perfect expression of Love. Let Cupid's arrow stike love in the hearts of your loved ones!

The Mermaid singing telegrams
She will swim her way into your hearts!

Brunhilda the Viking Opera Singer singing telegrams
Her glorious voice is only surpassed by her significant well-horned persona and has been known to drive the Celts our of Normandy!

Other characters:
offer G to PG-13 humor and include:
The Cheerleader
The Mermaid
The Fairy Godmother
Merna the Mourner
(usually morns those turning 40!)
and much, much more!

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